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Ginger Essential Oil 30 ml

Ginger Essential Oil 30 ml
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The ginger family.
Aromatic maspo get stage-hell with steam.
Class: toning aroma. Aphrodisiac.


 Eliminates fatigue, lethargy, apathy, enhances communication skills and charisma.
 Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activity in acute respiratory diseases, tonsillitis, bronchitis.
 High ability to protect against viruses (flu, shingles); prevents contamination of airborne infections during an outbreak.
 Quickly restores strength and physical reaction of the organism after diseases and operations.
 Effective in sore throat, bronchitis.
 Optimizes digestion, eliminates the feeling of heaviness after eating and flatulence.
 Analgesic, eliminates swelling, inflammation, stiffness of the joints and spine.
 For men: revitalizes the prostate gland, increases sexual activity, increases the potency.

The essential oil of ginger is used both in pure form and in compositions with other zhirnye oils (eucalyptus, juniper, cypress, rose, cedarwood, coriander, all citrus, neroli).

Skin care. Cleans, eliminates inflammatory response to problematic, impure skin. Improves skin tone oily skin, helps to cleanse and reduce pores. Antiaritmicescoe action. Enrichment of cosmetic preparations (shampoos, creams, etc.): 2-4 drops of oil (oil composition) at 15 g base (1-2 tablespoons).

Massage. Mix 4-5 drops of oil (composition of oils) with 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil (avocado, jojoba, wheatgerm, grapeseed, etc.) or Your chosen cream. Anelgeziruet. eliminates swelling, inflammation, stiffness of the joints and spine for arthritis, osteochondrosis. Eases PMS.

Pulmonary and aromatization of premises.
Ginger - a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent in acute respiratory diseases, tonsillitis, bronchitis. It has high antiviral activity in influenza, shingles. Prevents infectious infection during epidemics. Eases headache and nervous spastic nature. The aroma of ginger is used in the prevention of cataracts. In the game of love opens the second, third... tenth breath, refreshing and renewing power, exacerbating the gluttony of the heart, the sophistication of thought and depth of feelings.

Aromakuritelnitsy: 3-5 drops per 15 sq. m. add to a diffuser filled with water and light the candle.

Aromamedalony: 1 -2 drops.

Hot inhalations: In a bowl with a wide mouth to napit boiling water, cover head with a towel and then add 1-2 drops of oil, duration of 4-7 minutes.Close your eyes!

 Baths: 3-4 drops of oil (oil composition) are mixed with 30-60 g of emulsifier (salt, soda, honey, bath foam, cream, bran, etc.) and added to the filled bath.  There is an effect on the skin of the nervous system and respiratory system.  It has anti-inflammatory and firming effects on the male genital area, increasing sexual activity and potency.

 Rubbing: 7 drops per 15 g of base.  Compresses: dissolve 2-3 drops of oil in a bowl of hot water, immerse a piece of absorbent tissue in water, squeeze and apply a compress.

 Another application.  Optimizes digestion, eliminates the feeling of heaviness after eating and gas formation in the intestines.  Effective for digestive disorders with symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.  It has a decongestant and mild diuretic effect.

 Contraindications  Do not use for inflammatory skin diseases, high temperature, bleeding, ulcers.  Check aroma for individual tolerance.

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