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French world famous fragrances library and lab

Nowadays modern common people use perfumes as something granted. Few realise that they are the results of the hard scientists labour to create them and preserve. To make perfumes live as long as it is possible Osmotheque Perfume Library was created in 1990. 

Fragrances are inherently ephemeral and volatile, but the perfume museum knows how to store them.

The first such worldwide archive of fragrances was founded in 1990 in Versailles by French perfumers led by Jean Carleo. It is called Osmotheque; This name was obtained due to the combination of two Greek words: smell and library. In Osmotheque, more than 2500 fragrances were collected, of which about 400 are considered long lost. Such a wealth of fragrant bouquets is simply impossible to imagine ... ⠀ 

This great temple of aromas was created on the basis of the ISIPCA perfume school. Professionals and amateurs meet here in Versailles, as well as in New York and Paris (where special conference centers are open) to discuss new products and recreate old aromas. By the way, at the disposal of Osmotheque a little more than 170 formulas of ancient and forgotten perfume. Rare ingredients for them are stored in special rooms at a temperature of 12 ° C and with the help of argon gas, which slows down the decomposition of chemical compounds for a long time. The Versailles Osmotheque not only stores aromas, but also organizes excursions for all comers and connoisseurs of delicate aromas. ⠀ 

In Russia, too, there are two Osmotheques. In St. Petersburg, the perfume museum opened to visitors in 2012, and in Moscow in 2014. Moscow Osmotheque is notable for storing over 60,000 unique flavors. In terms of scope, it is perhaps superior to everyone else in the world. But only 1,500 to 2,000 bottles are involved in the current exhibition. 

Returning to the Versailles Osmotheque, it should be noted that it is an internationally recognized archive and accepts new perfumes not only from France, but also from all over the world. It is here that you can find ancient and modern perfumes, natural and synthetic, expensive and not very expensive perfumes, the formulas of which are under the strictest confidence. The main task of employees is to preserve the pristine quality of the fragrance for as long as possible.

Before perfume is exposed in the french library, of course, it should be properly created. 

The way of “dreams in a bottle” the history of any of the many thousands of perfumes currently existing originates in the workshop of the perfumer. Before starting his work, the creator of aromas thoroughly talks with the customer, asking about all the many wishes of his client.

Almost all, without exception, perfume and cosmetic brands obsessed with the idea of ​​making perfumes, apply to specialized laboratories such as the Creassence laboratory located in the municipality of Louveciennes near Paris to develop a new fragrance formula.

“Creassence” was founded in 2000 by perfumer Sylvie Jourdet. The laboratory positions itself as the “House of French Perfumes”, whose mission is to create and produce unique fragrances on order. Moreover, any client can order the development of perfumes in Creassence for any purpose: for himself, for a loved one, as a gift or for sale, for any holiday or event. In addition, Creassence specialists conduct many seminars and conferences on perfumery topics.

So if you smell perfume, the odour definitely comes from France!

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