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Mancera Aoud Café edp 120 ml

Mancera Aoud Café edp 120 ml
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Brand: Mancera
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Product Code: SRG020001
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Fragrance premiere: 2013

TM Country: France

Gender: unisex

Classification: niche, elite

Type of fragrance: oriental, gourmand

Top notes: Bergamot, Peach, Blackcurrant

Heart note: Amber, Coffee, Floral notes

Base Notes: White Musk, Agarwood, Woody Notes, Sweet Notes

Imagine yourself in a luxurious oriental castle. Each room of the marvelous place is full of secrets and mysteries. The air is unusually warm, soft, smells of berries, fruits and flowers. The perfumed water Aoud Café from Mancera has the same lovely aroma. Unisex fragrance from France embodies the captivating beauty of the East. It is versatile, light and rich. Ideal for men and women with refined taste.

The introduction of a fragrant melody will intrigue and seduce with a honey peach note with a slight astringency of blackcurrant and sourness of bergamot. An invigorating, light combination of roasted coffee beans, flower petals and amber will create the soul of the composition. Delicious oriental sweets entwined with the nobility of woody notes and white musk will put the final point. Give your choice to Aoud Café eau de parfum. In her fragrance is the fulfillment of all desires and the key to endless attractiveness.

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