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Mancera Lemon Line edp 120 ml

Mancera Lemon Line edp 120 ml
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Brand: Mancera
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The premiere of the fragrance: 2014

Country of TM: France

Gender: unisex

Classification: elite, niche

Type of aroma: wine glasses, citrus

Top notes: Orange, Lavender, Citrus

Heart note: Amber, White flowers, Geranium

Final note: White Musk, Oakmoss                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Bright sensations, life full of impressions, constant overcoming obstacles, steps to a new goal with optimism and self-confidence - all these qualities are inherent in the owners of perfumes Lemon Line from the French brand Mancera. The black-and-yellow, strict and at the same time stylish design of the bottle is best suited to a strong, strong-willed, demanding nature. Saturated and bright citrus composition brings a feeling of constant movement, a state of readiness for discovery, vigor and endless charge of energy. The main component of the aroma is lemon, sour and slightly spicy, bright and fresh.The initial note of the composition sounds loud and confident, playing citrus in combination with the softer sound of orange and delicate lavender. "Hearty" notes of aroma of sweet amber, mysterious geranium with delicate, pure white flowers soften the sharpness of lemon, revealing all the richness of the aroma, which ends with a trail of sweet white musk and cozy oak moss.

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