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Montale Aoud Damascus edp 20 ml

Montale Aoud Damascus edp 20 ml
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Brand: Montale
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Fragrance premiere: 2006

TM country: France

Gender: Women

Classification: niche

Type of fragrance: oriental, floral

Top notes: Damask rose, Citrus

Heart note: Guryun balsam, Olibanum, Saffron

Final note: Agarwood, Frankincense

Do you want even the most powerful kings to fall enthusiastically at your feet? Do you want the hearts of the most impregnable men to instantly find themselves in your love nets? In this case, Montale Aoud Damascus Eau de Parfum is the best choice for you. Its sensual and languid floral-fruity fragrance is the best love potion.

Ripe citrus fruits were the first ingredients included in the magic elixir. The sweetness of orange combined with bright lemon sourness and refreshing mandarin juice. The pulsating combination was softened by the luxury of a few petals of a scarlet damask rose, dissolving in a haze of saffron and olibanum. The smells of exquisite incense, combined with the Arabian agar tree, put an intriguing ellipsis.

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