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French world famous fragrances library and lab

French world famous fragrances library and lab


Nowadays modern common people use perfumes as something granted. Few realise that they are the results of the hard scientists labour to create them and preserve. To make perfumes live as long as it is possible Osmotheque Perfume Library was created in 1990.

Fragrances are inherently ephemeral and volatile, but the perfume museum knows how to store them.

The first such worldwide archive of fragrances was founded in 1990 in Versailles by French perfumers led by Jean Carleo. It is called Osmotheque; This name was obtained due to the combination of two Greek words: smell and library. In Osmotheque, more than 2500 fragrances were collected, of which about 400 are considered long lost. Such a wealth of fragrant bouquets is simply impossible to imagine ... ⠀

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